Additional Services

Production of Printed Offset Forms CtP

Our equipment producing printing forms using CTP (Computer to Plate) technology. This technology allows you to achieve better color matching in offset printing, increases the clarity of final color points.

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Paper Flattening

We offer services for flattening and cutting rolled paper. We use only modern and precise equipment for this purpose.

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Color Printing / Black-and-White Printing

We use:
- B1 format sheet offset machines with ability to print up to 5+5 inline. They characterized by high productivity and quality.

- Rotary offset printing machines. They used for printing book blocks, as well as newspapers with a color of 2+2 or 1+1.

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Selective Varnish Application

Modern equipment allows you to decorate the material with ordinary, three-dimensional or textured varnish, and glitter.

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Our equipment allows you to perform foil stamping, hot stamping or blind stamping on a variety of materials: paper, thick cardboard, leather, etc.

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Laser Cut and Engraving

The laser machine allows you to cut and engrave various materials.

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Other Binding Services

We provide a wide range of services, using only modern printing equipment from Kolbus, Meccanotecnica, Renz and Zechini.

Contact our commercial managers for more details.

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